Canada on Rails observations

According to more people (including me), the nicest wrapup of the Canda on Rails conference can be found here: Canada on Rails, Day One and here (part 2): Canada on Rails, Day Two.

Some things i found interesting/funny:

The first speaker was (surprise, surprise!) David Heinemeier Hansson. He had an interesting slide:


Alex’s comment:

“David explains in no uncertain terms that some people do shout quite loudly for features to be brought into rails core and when it makes sense to incorporate those features he does, but sometimes it really makes no sense and so he tells them a frank “no” and this sometimes seems to cause people to complain and even threaten to stop using “my free product” which elicits the response that you see in Davids presentation slide above. “

Hmm. Interesting explanation 😉 On the presentation of Amy Hoy:

Second to last was Amy Hoy, and I dont think I need to tell you that she did a great job. Her talk was entitled “Ajax with Rails” so she actually got to demonstrate some live code and even wrote some for us in real time in response to a question someone in the audience asked…

I wish i had the nerves to do this, usually i am happy if i can present my prepared slides at a conference, not write LIVE CODE 😉

For the full event description read Alex’s blog.

Another nice conference notes can be found here: At the canada on rails conference.

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