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If I had to choose the single most not-really-well-understood, mystified, unsuccessfully demystified, explained and still not-really-grasped topic in the Rails world (and beyond), my vote would definitely go to REST. It seems to me that there are two types of people in the world: those who don’t get REST (and they think it’s a basic postulate to rocket science explained through quantum theory) and those who get it, and don’t understand the former group (unless they are coming from there, that is).
I have been playing around with RESTful Rails recently. Below is my collection or Rails REST howtos, tutorials and other resources I have found so far and which were adequate for my transition from the first group to the second :-).

You should definitely begin with REST 101 – then check out the other stuff as well!

Please leave a comment if you know some more (just for completeness’ sake – I think the above resources should be enough to grasp RESTful Rails both theoretically and practically.

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10 thoughts on “Great Ruby on Rails REST resources

  1. Everyone has been talking about REST, is it really that good?

    I have made a mental note a while ago to try it out for my next project. I’m sure it’s worth the look.

  2. There’s a new book out, “RESTful Web Services.” I’m just starting into it, but so far I think it’s quite good and skimming ahead, I think it’ll be a great resource for folks interested in REST.

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  4. “Restful Web Services” is great, but the Rails example in the book no longer works out of the box; it depends on a plugin (actsastaggable) which is a murky state of non-existence. It’s a bummer, because the book walks through an implementation of a clone which seems pretty compelling.

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