RailsBridge is Born

rails_bridge.pngI surely don’t have to introduce last week’s Ruby/Rails earthquake to anyone by now – it has been covered by a boatload of blogs (including this one), analyzed, argued over, rebutted, reddited, dugg and whatnot – suffice to say, it’s time to move on. It was a rather unpleasant drama piece, but fortunately it shed light on some problems the Ruby/Rails communities are facing, and (besides the ensuing trollfest and pointless arguing) it had a pleasant side-effect: a handful of people started to discuss how things could be made better, creating a small (and growing) but determined community: RailsBridge!

Say Hello to RailsBridge!

RailsBridge’s mission is “To create an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community” (check out details on the homepage). Everyone is welcome to participate – with ideas, suggestions, design, code, new project proposals or just about anything that would make Rails a more open and accepted technology and community.

It’s very important to understand that we are not trying to form yet another oh-my-god-we-are-so-awesome Rails group of uber-hackers which looks down on everyone not in it’s ranks – for two reasons, at the very least:

  • RailsBridge is open to anyone! – you don’t have to be a Rails core commiter, coder with 20 years of experience or a renowned Rails blogger – it’s enough if you’d like to make the Ruby/Rails scene more welcoming in any way
  • We are trying to promote the exact opposite philosophy – we acknowledge that Rails’s image is somewhat tarnished because of the “rock star” attitude and we’d like to show by our actions that we are working on this and will eventually turn Ruby and Rails into a very welcoming and enjoyable community

Surely, this is quite a venture – our mission statement sounds great, but everyone can do the talking on just about whichever Gordian Knot out there, be it world hunger, world peace or friendly Rails. We’ll have to demonstrate that we mean serious business, and that’s why we need you – everyone’s ideas, insights and help matters! Check out the RailsBridge homepage to learn more about what are we up to and how to get involved.

27 thoughts on “RailsBridge is Born

  1. :: high five :: All of these blog posts and whining with no actual efforts to change things were ridiculous.

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  8. I had a temptation to join while reading your blog post, but you lost me with “anti-rock-star” piece ;)
    (you’ve been on my Euruko talk, right? :D )

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