Ruby Quiz: Gathering Ruby Quiz 2 Data

ruby_quiz.png After running the Ruby Quiz show for almost a year, Mathew Moss, the second Ruby Quiz master had just retired (as a quiz master 🙂 – great work Matt!), passing the ball to Daniel Moore, who just kicked off the third season with the following problem:

I'm building the new Ruby Quiz website and I need your help...

This week's quiz involves gathering the existing Ruby Quiz 2 data from
the Ruby Quiz website: 

Each quiz entry contains the following information:

 * id
 * title
 * description
 * summary

There are also many quiz solutions that belong to each quiz. The quiz
solutions have the following:

 * quiz_id
 * author
 * ruby_talk_reference
 * text 

For some reason, no one (except me) participated this time – so for the first time in history, I am pretty sure my solution is the best of all! w00t!

Daniel did a really great writeup of my solution (which utilized scRUBYt! and Nokogiri) – check it out here (view the code here), so I am not going to do my own writeup this time.

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