Forget Rock Stars, Gurus, Ninjas and Zen Masters

I thought it’s impossible to significantly enhance this collection, at least with something similarly cyber-h4xx0r-zen-ninja-ish. Well, I am not so sure any more (via linkedin):


Maybe with the Web2.0 bust (?), popular clichés for uber-giga-great developers are fading out too – indeed, who needs an old-fashioned web2.0 ninja (even if he’s a pirate in his free time) if you can hire a Web2.5 code terrorist to…. umm… get some coding done?!?

Update: The article was featured on hacker news and now it’s clear that Giles’s original article can be significantly extended, for example with:

  • Python 3000 Jihadists
  • JavaScript Martyrs
  • Ruby Bionic Commando
  • Rails Black Magicians

and others… check out hacker news if this is still not enough inspiration for you!

8 thoughts on “Forget Rock Stars, Gurus, Ninjas and Zen Masters

  1. I have worked with “Code Terrorists” before. They are the ones who rewrite tests instead of fixing the failure, check-in broken code, edit code in production, etc.

  2. Did a Code Terrorist write that Captcha plugin you are using? There is that beautiful PHP error of “Can’t send headers because output already started at line…”

  3. What is so wrong with having a little fun in coding and development… using fun descriptors instead of always saying expert senior level ruby developer with 2+ years experience that works well with a team. I would much rather be called a code ninja than a senior level developer… not all fun and joking has to go out of the work place, long as you as you said ‘get some coding done’ put a bit of smiles in the work place while your at it.

  4. @Jackson: wtf I am not using a captcha plugin??? Maybe some terrorists did sneak into the system indeed – web1.0 anti-terrorist naval unit investigating!

    @Dan: I do find it immensely funny, that’s why I posted about it. In fact I am LOLing since I found it. I think the folks commenting @ hacker news ( understood this – the Ruby Bionic Commando is fighting Python 3000 Jihadists and Javascript Martyrs over there…

  5. @Jackson – are you an automated spambot (poetical)? I just disabled some archaic WP plugin which supposedly ‘Denies automated spambots access to your PHP-based Web site’.

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