Git External Dependency Management with Giternal

I Don’t want to reiterate what has already been said on this topic (I ended up in the same boat – tried more tools, didn’t really like any of them and settled for giternal).

Giternal seems to work nicely – after you get the initial roadblock out of the way. According to the README, you should install giternal with

gem install giternal

then use the _giternal_ executable to do various things.

The problem is that after installation, there is no _giternal_ executable – the problem is that gem installs version 0.0.1, which doesn’t have it. You have to get the sources from git and set it up yourself:

git clone git://
cd giternal
sudo ruby setup.rb

and you are good to go.

Hope this saves someone a few minutes.

4 thoughts on “Git External Dependency Management with Giternal

  1. Running setup.rb will install into your ruby installation, but not using Gems!

    Further updates of the gem could clash with the library located now into ruby lib directory, contrary to the one from the gem.

    Check if there are rake tasks for building and installing the gem from the git clone and avoid direct installation using setup.rb

    Just my suggestion.

  2. @Luis:- you are right, however the provided Rakefile is empty and this probably means that there is no rake task for building the application?

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