Round corners and nifty cubes

I am in the process of redesigning, so you can see every kind of weird experiments sometimes (I am too lazy to do the whole thing offline, because that would mean to set up Apache, PHP, WordPress, MySQL … etc, and the other reason is: I have too limited time to do it quick).

As you can see, currently I am experimenting with one of the most widespread cliché of today’s webdesign: round corners. There are infinite possibilities to round your corners – as my primary focus is not web design, i am not really an expert on the topic, but i have seen a lot of methods (various ratio of (no) images, JS and CSS). For example, a Firefox friendly quick’n’dirty solution:

Simple, but limited

(no images and JS needed, but has severe cross-browser restrictions – if you are reading this from IE (or probably anything other than Firefox) you know what i mean).

Browsing through the possible solutions, i have chosen Nifty cube. It is an image-less solution, all you need is to add 1 line of Javascript and a few lines of CSS code to make it work. It has a lot of options (this i already the second version, which is a substantial overhaul compared to the first one),

and for me it worked nicely. (Have to work on the actual usage, though – The rounded div’s around the title are too big ATM, but this is not the problem of Nifty cube)

4 thoughts on “Round corners and nifty cubes

  1. Ciao Stefano,

    Grazie per il link! It seems you have the answer to all my questions 😉

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