EuRuKo 2008 – Favorite Quotes

EuRuKo 2008
Quite a few blogs covered EuRuKo talks (for example here, here, here or here) so I am not going to do an n+1-th writeup. Instead I collected a few quotes I found interesting and/or funny. Without further ado, here we go:

Matz: Ruby – Past, Present and Future (Keynote)

  • Chad Fowler wrote a book ‘My Job Went to India’ – and yesterday my luggage went to Oslo!
  • Ruby was a hobby that came from not having a job after end of Japan’s bubble economy
  • I consider myself as no great programmer!
  • Then we have this nasty snake language here… (sampling through different languages starting from COBOL)
  • Python people love to be organized and have one true way. Ruby people don’t care.
  • (after going through a ton of different languages and finally arriving at Ruby) Ruby is not perfect either… but it’s close!
  • We will need to keep Ruby alive when Rails will be gone… Hopefully Ruby will be around in 15 years, but Rails… hmm…khm… never mind.
  • 10 years ago – Ruby? What’s That? Language? See This Cool Java!
  • 5 years ago – Ruby? I’ve Heard of It. But I haven’t Used It YET.
  • 2 years ago – Ruby! I Know! It’s for Rails, Right?

Koichi: Merging YARV is not a goal but a start

  • (Running around in a t-shirt ‘No Ruby No Life’) My version: No Ruby no Job!
  • 1st slide: [some completely different slide than his real topic title] – this is just a joke, the presentation is not on this
  • I don’t speak English so I wrote down everything on the slides… unfortunately most of the slides are in Japanese! (LOL)
  • Please ask questions in Japanese/C/Ruby! … or use slow/short English
  • I have a lot of slides (hm, like 50) of different optimization techniques but it’s just too much so I won’t show you here 😉
  • My PhD thesis is in Japanese (Efficient implementation of Ruby VM), so please learn Japanese if you’d like to read it 🙂
  • NT means not Windows NT but Native Thread
  • Ruby thread and native thread: (shows a brutally complicated slide, fully in Japanese) and I would like to point out this part (clicks a button, and a red frame appears around a portion of fully Japanese text)
  • This is complex so I skip it (after the 10th incomprehensible slide)
  • I can’t program in Ruby!
  • Come to Japan/Enter my Lab (please teach me English) – Unfortunately I can’t employ you because there is not enough money, so please bring your own $
  • (response to a question about YARV’s memory need:) Yes, YARV also needs memory to start the VM! (considers the question answered. When asked for further details:) How much? hmm… you need to measure yourself 😉

Charlie Nutter, Tom Enebo: JRuby – Ready for Action

  • Java != a dirty word!
  • Did you see this demo already? No? Good. Everybody has seen this 100 times in the US so they are really sick of it!
  • See? new is on the right side of the class name!
  • I love swing (after listing 9342923 looooong fuctions of the Button class)
  • this would take 6-7 lines of Java (after adding a listener to a button in 1 lines of Ruby syntax)
  • This is the weirdest error I have ever seen during a demo! I guess Mac OS X is not ready for this stuff yet (after not being able to kill off a process which slowed down his machine)
  • Kill that bird!!!! (after thunderbird jumping around for like 5 minutes after OSX bootup)
  • ColdFusion is not a fine example for anything (Charlie, after a guy proposing CouldFusion as an example of… I don’t remember what but it doesn’t matter)

Disclaimer: Please take the above with a grain of salt – it might seem based on the above sentences (which were taken out of context and possibly squeezed/lost in translation) that Koichi’s topic was to pursue people to learn Japanese (not true, his talk was very interesting and deep) or Matz was making fun of/mocking Python (not true, he was just joking all the time) etc. If you have some more, drop me a comment!

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